Norwich Road Runners

Norwich Road Runners is one of Norfolk's largest dedicated running clubs, with over 250 members, and is a great place for those interested in running to meet, socialise, and run. Whether you're a seasoned runner or a complete beginner, the Norwich Road Runners welcomes everyone of all ages and abilities. We organise effort sessions and road runs throughout the city every week, and host our own races (5k to Half Marathon) throughout the year, and you can usually find us at local and national running events.

The Norwich Road Runners hold club nights three times a week, out of Sewell Park Sport Centre, Constitution Hill, Norwich. We offer a night purely for those new to running, an efforts night for those wanting to train (interval training, speed work, hill work etc) on Tuesdays, and a longer road run around Norwich City and its outskirts on Thursdays.

Sewell Park has plenty of parking, both within its own car park and along Constitution Hill. Each session begins around 7:10pm, with many runners meeting in the entrance of Sewell Park beforehand. After a brief update from the club organisers (we go through news, race award winners, and other business) we set out what options are available that evening and then get to it!

During the autumn/winter months we require runners to wear a reflective running bib so other road users can see them.

Beginners (Mondays)

Monday nights are for beginners, being suited to those who are new to running or are looking to slowly build up their speed or distance.

We offer a variety of different activities and sessions, such as walk/running courses (typically 3 miles), a recovery run for those who ran at the weekend (around 5 miles) and other smaller scale courses.

Efforts (Tuesdays)

Tuesday nights are efforts nights, for those looking to do specific training in order to build their core strength, developing their speed and endurance.

We offer three options. There is a field session, which typically consists of a pyramid session, efforts or speed work. On the road we offer either 1k or 1-mile efforts around Norwich, situated on the roads around the club, and a 12k (7-mile) hills route which goes through Norwich, for those looking to develop leg strength and be able to tackle hills.

City Run (Thursdays)

Each week we plot out three routes for runners. This includes a short route (typically 4-5 miles), a medium route (5-7 miles) and a longer route (8 miles or more). All routes follow the same path initially and then diverge depending on the length of the course. All routes start and finish at Sewell Park.

All routes are posted on the website on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, and are printed and on display at the club before we start. After the update from club organisers we split into three groups (one for each route) and then detail the route that evening. After that we then go out on the roads! Runners of all abilities do all of the routes so finding someone to run with at your pace will be easy.